Nestled in Chaffee County, Colorado, Browns Canyon National Monument is one stunning Colorado destination that can’t be missed. Consisting of nearly 22,000 acres, Browns Canyon wasn’t considered a National Monument until February of 2015 when Barack Obama signed the Antiquities Act designating it as such. One of the reasons this change was made was to protect the minerals and other natural resources within the area.

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Browns Canyon National Monument is one of the most popular spots for whitewater rafting in the country thanks to the Arkansas River that runs through it. Not only does this provide visitors with some of the best rafting around, it also attracts plenty of fishermen as well.

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Thanks to its protected status, animals are able to thrive in Browns Canyon National Monument, including falcons, trout, golden eagles, and elk.

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If you’re looking to plan a visit, the nearest city is Salida, also known as “the Heart of the Rockies”.

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