Every so often, a viral video will pop up on the Internet featuring a shadowy beast moving swiftly through the shadows. The clip is often grainy and always inconclusive, but people will claim the creature is one part man and one part animal. Whether they call it bigfoot, sasquatch, or the abominable snowman, rumors of this bipedal beast have existed for a long time. Believe it or not, Colorado is one place where a lot of these “sightings” occur—many backcountry hikers and campers have reported spotting a creature they can’t quite explain.

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If you’re driving up the Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado Springs, you’ll notice a “Bigfoot Crossing” sign alongside the road. This was put here in the early ‘90s, after several reports of sightings around this mile marker occurred in a short span of time.

Bigfoot Sign - Spencer McKee - OutThere Colorado
A Bigfoot sign warns drivers on Pikes Peak Highway near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

In 2016, the “Bigfoot” conversation was once again sparked, as several residents in Bailey, Colorado reported that something strange was lurking in the woods. Some people even reported having multiple encounters, like the man from Divide featured in this video. He claims to have encountered a beast that was over 7 feet tall, weighing in at up to 600 pounds.

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There’s even a website that tracks this sort of thing, with the most popular Colorado counties for Bigfoot sightings being Park, Teller, Lake, Conejos, and El Paso, in that order.

Bigfoot Shirt - Spencer McKee - OutThere Colorado
Bigfoot merchandise is quite popular in Colorado. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Even if you don’t believe Bigfoot exists, you’ve got to admit that the idea of an undiscovered human-like creature covered in thick hair and wandering around in the woods across North America for decades is a pretty entertaining thought. Maybe someday the naysayers will be  proved wrong.

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