Arguably America’s favorite downhill skier, Lindsey Vonn, won bronze yesterday in the women’s downhill event.

Vonn, 33 born in St Paul, Minnesota, relocated to Vail, Colorado during her childhood years in order to pursue her skiing dream. By 2010 she became a decorated, world-class athlete and won the gold in the women’s downhill at the 2010 Vancouver games, the first-ever American woman to do so.

Since Vancouver, Vonn’s career hit several roadblocks including multiple broken bones, nerve damage, and major knee reconstruction. She’s worked hard to fight her way back into the global scene. The recent death of her grandfather gave her further motivation for glory in Pyeongchang.

At the end of her downhill run, she glanced at the clock to see that she had slipped into third, a mere 0.47 seconds behind the leader, Sofia Goggia. Goggia took gold in the event, the first women’s gold in the downhill for Italy.

“I’m not beaten — I won the bronze medal, but I feel like I’ve won the gold medal,” said Vonn “I wish I could keep going; I wish this wasn’t my last Olympics but it is,” she said, adding, “I don’t think my body can take another four years of ski racing.”

We are proud of Vonn and her career. She continues to be a Colorado icon. Like the phoenix, she rose from the ashes of injury and in Pyeongchang she left the high-speed skiing world in a fire of bronze.

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