Grand Lake in Grand County, Colorado is Colorado’s largest natural lake with a maximum depth of 265 feet and a shoreline that wraps four miles around the lake. It wasn’t always called Grand Lake though. Once upon a time, it was called Spirit Lake by Ute tribes that inhabited the area. The tribes believed that the lake’s cold waters held the spirits of those they’d lost. Think about that next time you go for a swim.

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The 22 billion gallons of water in Grand Lake is enough to fill nearly 34,000 olympic sized pools.

Grand Lake - SUP - Grand County - OutThere Colorado-11
Stand-Up Paddleboarding on Grand Lake.

Natural inflow to the lake comes directly from the Continental Divide, traveling through Rocky Mountain National Park.

At an elevation of 8,367 feet, Grand Lake is also one of the largest high altitude lakes in the country.

If you’re looking to hunt this one down for yourself, here’s a map to the lake from our headquarters in the Colorado Springs:

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