Do you like to add a little thrill to your vacations? Do you think you have what it takes to spend the night in one of Colorado’s most haunted hotels? Colorado has some of the spookiest spots out there. Sightings of guests murdered long ago and the spirits of children roaming the halls have all been reported. Check out these 7 haunted hotels in Colorado for a frighteningly good time.

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1. Hotel Teatro – Denver, Colorado

Book a night at this luxurious hotel and expect to hear disembodied voices and spot a resident ghost known as the “tool man”. After converting the building into this hotel in 1997, paranormal activity has been reported by both the workers and guests. Click here for more info!

2. Hotel Jerome – Aspen, Colorado

Test your luck at Hotel Jerome, also known as the “the Bad Luck Hotel”. The guests have reported foreign noises and ghost sightings in the pool. Though unnerving, the number of sightings isn’t unusual for a hotel with an abnormally high amount of deaths on the property. Click here for more info!

3. Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel surrounded by Autumn Trees. Photo Credit: shutter18 (iStock).

Stop by this hotel for a spooky night, one so frightening it influenced the Stephen King novel, The Shining. Much like the other destinations, the hotel has reports of ghost sightings, particularly those of children. Click here for more info!

4. Hotel Colorado – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Curious cigar and perfume smells and unattended elevator movement plague this Pine Street staple. Stay safe between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m., a woman’s scream, unexplained knocks, and flickering lights are not uncommon during this time. Click here for more info!

5. The Oxford Hotel – Denver, Colorado

If your lover plans a night at this historic hotel, run. In 1898, after Florence Montague killed her lover and then turned the gun on herself, the ghosts of this couple have never left. Click here for more info!

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6. Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast – Fairplay, Colorado

This bed and breakfast may only have 11 rooms, but with a ghost story tied to each, that’s all this small hotel can accommodate. This paranormal hotspot has plenty of recorded instances of unexplained furniture movement and ghost sightings. Click here for more info!

7. Brown Palace Hotel – Denver, Colorado

You’ll get more than just refreshment at the hotel bar: stick around and ask the locals about the ghost stories tied to Brown Palace. From the static, unexplained phone calls to the ghosts of murdered residents, this Denver favorite has no shortage of hair-raising opportunities for paranormal encounters. Click here for more info!

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