Tucked away in the San Juans, you’ll find a place called Cimarron Mountain Club – Colorado’s first and only private ski resort. With 60+ ski runs and 1,000 acres of skiable terrain (more if you include 950 nearby acres on BLM and National Forest land.), this resort spans a 2.5-mile ridge found in the wilderness between Telluride and Montrose. The runs are expected to be amazing, with Mike Larson – the man behind more than 200 runs at Vail and more elsewhere – assisting in much of the trail design. Runs are also said to be quite diverse, dropping up to 1,610 feet and catering to a range of skill levels including straightforward groomed runs to difficult hike-to couloirs to snow-cat skiing.

Here’s where the club is thought to be located:

Unfortunately, a high buy-in price (and limited availability) will keep almost everyone reading this article off the slopes here. First, there’s the initiation cost. At one point, there was talk of this reaching as high as $3.85 million, though this has dipped down to $2.285 million at launch. Once the initiation fee is out of the way, there are still annual dues. These fall between $55,000 and $65,000 – to be honest, I expected more. Then there’s the home construction cost, which has been estimated to be at least $1,000,000.

What’s all that cash get you? For starters, buyers receive a 35-acre parcel of land at the resort. This is where homes can be built. It also grants access to the slopes (of course), and access to a Club Cabin and luxury yurts. Thinking about a purchase? Act fast. Space is limited and 7 of 13 family spots are already taken.

If you’re interested, find out more on the website or check out their FAQ document.


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