Named after the first person to claim their mining stake on this spot, the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine is a vertical mine shaft that actually welcomes visitors, a rarity in Colorado. Visitors are able to descend 1,000 feet underground for one of the deepest gold mine tours in the world. To put it in perspective, that depth is only 200 feet shy of the height of the Empire State Building.

The tour displays the changes that have been made in the mining industry from the first days of its operation in 1891 to that of the modern era, as well as a look at gold veins in their natural state. 

The mine halted its operation in 1961 and has been a tourist attraction ever since. Tours are packed with interesting information, led by actual miners. Roughly 40,000 people tour the mine each year, each leaving with their own piece of gold ore from the mine as a keepsake.

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