Less than one hour from Pueblo lies one of Colorado’s most bizarre attractions, Bishop Castle. Named after its builder, Jim Bishop, the project started in 1969 when Bishop bought the land for $450 at the age of 15. Originally, this never-ending project was intended to be a cottage, but after remarks about it looking like a castle from passersby and neighbors, Jim let his imagination run wild, building one of the craziest looking structures around.

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The main tower of the castle is perhaps the most recognizable feature of the structure, stretching to 160 feet high.

Bishop's Castle - Chris Waits - flickr
Bishop’s Castle. Photo credit: Chris Waits (flickr)

There’s also a large enclosed dome on top, known for providing spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding San Isabel National Forest.

Bishop Castle also boasts three stories of rooms, including a Grand Ballroom.

The grand ballroom area of Bishop Castle. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Next time you’re looking for a little adventure, this is one destination that’s worth the drive. According to their website, Bishop Castle is always free and always open during daylight hours.

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