Many moons ago, a man named John Brisben Walker took the phrase “a man’s house is his castle” to heart, building a large stone castle tucked away in 4,000 acres of Colorado land near Morrison. Dubbed “Falcon Castle,” this magnificent home has since fallen to ruin after a destructive lightning strike in 1918, and the surrounding land has since been turned into an open space for hikers and bikers. If you look carefully, you’ll find what’s left of this once awesome structure.

To find the ruins of this castle, head to Mount Falcon and find its namesake trail, “Mount Falcon Trail.” It’s approximately 2.3 miles long, taking roughly an hour and a half to complete. Along the way, you’ll not only see ruins, but also great views of the nearby Denver skyline.

Though the residence was effectively destroyed,  there’s still plenty of the destination left to make it worth seeking out. What was once a three-story structure with eight fireplaces has been reduced to a few crumbling walls and a single standing tower. Look closely at some of remains to see scorched rock from where fireplaces once were.

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