Most of our pieces encourage our audience to get outside and enjoy that beautiful Colorado sunshine. This destination is a little different. For this Colorado destination, you’ll have to go inside to learn a little more about what creepy crawlies you might encounter outside during a hike. You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover at the May Natural History Museum in Colorado Springs, the largest private insect collection in the world.

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At the May Natural History Museum, you’ll see plenty of bugs you might spot in Colorado, but most of them come from other places around the world..

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The museum is home to over 100,000 specimens, representing over 7,000 different bug species, including everything from butterflies to deadly scorpions.

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It all started with founder James May’s adventures, during which he sought to bring back the most unique creatures for his collection. His search lasted for more than 80 years.

In the museum, you’ll find display after display of different types of bugs, carefully organized, labeled, and preserved.

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You’ll have no problem spotting this destination from the road, marked by a giant bug statue that you can’t miss.

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