Colorado Parks and Wildlife has issued another reminder not to feed wildlife after posting a video of a woman luring multiple deer into her home with a collection of foods including bread, apples, carrots, bananas, and cereal. Not only is this extremely dangerous for all parties involved, it’s also illegal.

In the video, a woman in Evergreen can be seen luring a large buck into her house with a piece of bread. Once inside, the deer is given a number of other foods from a plastic tray while the woman talks to the deer. The deer is soon joined by a number of other deer.

Feeding big-game animals can result in a $100 fine, along with other fees.

According to Wildlife Manager Mark Lamb, “It is selfish and unethical to feed big-game. You are going to end up unintentionally killing those animals and also putting yourself in harm’s way. If what you want is a pet or just to connect with an animal, choose a domestic breed that has evolved to live with people.”

The press release also mentions that when animals are fed by humans, it can cause them to congregate unnaturally. This can lead to the spread of disease, including the always-fatal chronic wasting disease, as well as attract predators. It’s also important to remember that wildlife isn’t meant to eat processed foods or foods not typically part of their diet, as this can cause fatal digestive problems.

People trying to get too close to wildlife isn’t a new issue. In November, a man was gored by a “friendly deer” with a dog collar found around its neck.

Do you part to keep wildlife wild, improving the safety for animals and humans, alike.

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