Like every state, Colorado has some unique home décor trends that wouldn’t pack quite the same punch anywhere else. If you’re looking to add a little Colorado style to your home, this is an excellent place to start.

1. The Colorado “C”

Colorado Flag on Map General Lead Photo FotografiaBasica (iStock)
Colorado Flag on Map. Photo credit: FotografiaBasica (iStock)

Drawn from the state flag, the Colorado “C” is a staple and one of the most recognized symbols in many homes. The design, a red “C” filled with a golden disk, is simple and classic whether it incorporates the blue and white stripes of the flag or not. Found on everything from pillows to reclaimed wood plaques, this logo is one of the most popular options for Coloradoans.

2. Sports Teams

.sanden. - Denver - Broncos - flickr
Denver Broncos. Photo credit: .sanden. (flickr)

Okay, so this is not wholly unique to Colorado since most states have sports teams of one sort or other, but showing your team pride is important when you’ve got world class competitors in your backyard. The NFL’s Denver Broncos have won three Super Bowls, two back-to-back, and have seen some incredible athletes don navy and orange over the years. Of course, if football isn’t your thing, Colorado is also home to MLB’s Rockies, NHL’s Avalanche, NBA’s Denver Nuggets, and MLS’s Rapids. Add in a healthy number of college sports, and you’ve got a lot of team pride gracing homes across the state.

3. Connected with Nature

sunrise - Estes Park - Rocky Mountains - mark byzewski - flickr
A sunrise over the Rockies in Estes Park. Photo credit: mark byzewski (flickr)

When you’re surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery it’s hard not to bring bits of it into your home, including prints, photographs, and sculptures depicting the mountains, aspens, and colorful wildflowers of Colorado. With so many landscapes to depict, there is something for everybody’s tastes. Hint: Visit one of the many art shows and festivals in the state and you’ll find some of the most incredible artwork depicting everything from Red Rocks, to Pike’s Peak, to the state flower, the Blue Columbine.

4. Western Inspired

Alma Saloon - Katie Rae Bode - OutThere Colorado
America’s highest saloon can be found in Alma, Colorado. Photo Credit: Katie Rae Bode (OutThere Colorado)

Sticking to their roots, Coloradoans embrace their wild west heritage with a lot of nods to the days of cowboys and saloons. Cowboy hats, steer horns, and even saloon doors are common and chic décor options. Perhaps you’ll even find a chair made from an old saddle or something incredible crafted from a wagon wheel.

5. Wild About Wildlife

Moose in the Wild - Rocky Mountain national Park - Adam Springer - iStock
Wild Moose in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo Credit: Adam Springer (iStock)

Elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and even bald eagles can be found in Colorado. Holding true to rustic styles, it’s likely you’ll come across more than one on a woodcutting or painting, or even some antlers if you spend enough time in Colorado. No lodge, cabin, or ranch would be quite complete without a little inspiration from local wildlife.

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