Leslie Webster, 53, died Tuesday, days after being pulled to safety from an icy pond in the Denver, Colorado area.

West Metro Fire crews responded to a call at 12:30 PM on Sunday afternoon from a husband who witnessed his wife and dog fall through the ice at a spot dubbed by some to be “Woody’s Pond,” located on the campus grounds of the school where the woman taught – Colorado Academy. Despite the “extremely thin, crumbling ice,” crews were able to rescue the woman within two minutes of arriving at the scene.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Some accounts of the event claim that the husband was not at the scene during the time of accident, though this varies from information released by the involved fire department.

The dog was also rescued by fire crews and transported to an emergency veterinarian clinic. It’s unclear why the woman and the dog ventured out onto the ice in the first place.

According to reports from multiple news sources, Leslie Webster has passed away after suffering undisclosed critical injuries. The dog also died as a result of the incident.

Fox 31 Denver reports that Webster, who was a kindergarten teacher at Colorado Academy, leaves behind a husband and two daughters.

Another similar incident occurred in December when a dog died after escaping its leash and chasing a goose onto the ice.

Do not risk your own safety by venturing out onto the ice. If your pet happens to escape onto the ice, never attempt to follow. Instead, please call your local fire and rescue crews for help.

Colorado Academy is located in the 3800 block of South Pierce. Here’s a look at where it’s located on the map.

Editor’s Note: Here’s a quick piece regarding why we’ve decided to include accident and death coverage in our collection of content.

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