Fort Collins police recently made a plea to the public to help them track down the person that murdered Kimberlee Graves, one of the town’s 41-year-old residents. At this time police have not said whether or not any suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing. They have confirmed that the case is being investigated as a homicide. Here’s a timeline of events related to Kimberlee’s death and discovery.

December 4: The last time that Kimberlee Graves was seen. Witnesses have confirmed that she was at her home at some point during this night.

December 8: One of Kimberlee’s friends requests a welfare check from the police. Police check Kimberlee’s home, but do not enter when there’s no answer at the front door. Her car was not present at the scene and they did not have a warrant to search the premise. They left, as is protocol.

December 10: Kimberlee’s friend that had originally called the police made the decision to enter Kimberlee’s home following the lack of answers from the aforementioned welfare check. Upon entering, the home was discovered to be ransacked. The friend reported their findings to the police.

December 13: Kimberlee’s vehicle is found in a parking garage at College Avenue and Mulberry Street in Fort Collins. Besides the car, there was no sign of Kimberlee at the scene.

December 18: Ten days after the initial welfare check, police announce Kimberlee as a missing person to the public. At this time, they also request that the public aids in discovery of information regarding her whereabouts.

December 19: Police announce that difficulties in contacting Kimberlee’s known connections are making it difficult to find new information about the case. This difficulty is said to be caused by inconsistent living situations of Kimberlee’s friends and acquaintances.

December 19: Police announce that they’ve discovered that someone else was using Kimberlee’s car for several days around her disappearance, though at the time, they did not believe that this person had any connection with the case.

January 9: A park ranger discovers Kimberlee’s body in Lory State Park during normal daily tasks.

January 11: The Fort Collins police make a public announcement about Kimberlee’s death, also announcing that the case is being investigated as a homicide.

Throughout the last month, police have made it very clear that they need the public’s help finding information about Kimberlee’s disappearance and death. If you know anything that might help them solve this case, call the Fort Collins police at 970-416-2825 or email them at People with tips are said to have the option of remaining anonymous.

Below you’ll find a video with the official plea for help.

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