Did you know Colorado has over 40 state parks? You could make an entire bucket list dedicated to visiting them all. We’ve collect a few of our favorite shots to see if you’re as obsessed with Colorado as we are. Take a look at our photos below and keep track of how many destinations you recognize. The answer key is at the bottom of the page! Let us know how you do!

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State Park 1 - Ron Drummond - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Ron Drummond.


Castlewood Canyon State Park. Photo Credit: Bob Decker - OutThere Colorado.
Castlewood Canyon State Park. Photo Credit: Bob Decker


State Park 3 - Max and Dee Bernt - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Max and Dee Bernt.


State Park 4 - OutThere Colorado


State Park 5 - Aaron Spong - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Aaron Spong.

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State Park 6 - Thomas Shahan - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Thomas Shahan.


State Park 7 - Chad Routh - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Chad Routh.


State Park 8 - Jason Miller - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Jason Miller.


State Park 9 - Kimon Berlin - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Kimon Berlin.


State Park 10 - Spokenhope - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Spokenhope.

Answer Key:

1. Lake Pueblo State Park

2. Castlewood Canyon State Park

3. Eldorado Canyon State Park

4. Rifle Falls State Park

5. Lathrop State Park

6. Roxborough State Park

7. Mueller State Park

8. Eleven Mile State Park

9. Lory State Park

10. Cherry Creek State Park

How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments!

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