Rangers are currently looking for suspects in a recent case of vandalism at Colorado National Monument. Three different messages were spray-painted onto rocks around the protected area including one that read “PROM….ISE?” This was the message that led those on the case to believe that the vandalism was part of a ‘promposal.” In other words, the messages were an invitation to prom.

Other messages included “I Promise to love You Forever + Always” and “you’re Perfect to Me.” You can see them in the embedded tweet below.

Vandalism of this nature can lead to serious criminal consequences, including fines and up to six months in jail.

If you’ve got any information that might help Rangers catch the vandal, call 970-858-3617; ext. 360.

Independence Monument - Colorado National Monument - daveynin - flickr
Independence Monument at Colorado National Monument. Photo credit: daveynin (flickr)

Colorado National Monument encompasses 20,533 acres near Grand Junction, Colorado. With many sheer canyon walls and unique rock formations, it’s a popular spot for outdoor recreation and sightseeing.

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