There’s no denying that July was a hot month in Colorado, but it may have been so hot that Colorado broke its all-time temperature record state-wide.

Popular forecasting website Weather 5280 is reporting that Colorado reached a maximum temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit on July 20 at John Martin Dam near Las Animas, Lamar, and La Junta.

Though this seems like an outlier for the month, with the next closest high reaching 108, the National Weather Service station in Pueblo doesn’t seem to doubt that the reading might be accurate.

According to the Denver Post, Colorado’s previous record temperature was 114 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded first in July of 1933 in Las Animas and tied in July of 1954 in Sedgwick.

The average July high in Las Animas is 95 degrees, with the average low at 63, according to US Climate Data.


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