Winter, spring, summer, fall…ice cream is a good idea any time of year. So pack your family in the car and get started!

1. Little Man Ice Cream, Denver

Start off in Colorado’s capital, Denver. You can get your first ice-cream fix at Little Man. And their twenty-eight-foot-tall ice cream can (totally Instagram-worthy) is worth its own stop.

2. Josh and John’s Naturally Homemade Ice Creams, Colorado Springs

Next, make your way southward to Colorado Springs. If there’s an ice cream awards show, Josh and John’s deserves the title of “Creamiest Ice Cream this Side of the Mississippi.”

3. Hopscotch Bakery, Pueblo

Pueblo—a hot spot for locals to camp, fish, and boat—is where you’ll find Hopscotch Bakery. We recommend trying out Lavender in a Waffle Cone!

4. Here’s the Scoop, Salida

Continuing west, make a stop in Salida. The “Ice Cream Maker in Charge” wants you to know that his treats pose a habit-forming risk. We promise, it’s worth the risk.

5. Enstrom Candies, Grand Junction

Almost at Colorado’s border with Utah, Grand Junction is the center of Colorado’s wine country. Don’t miss out on Enstrom Candies’ unique flavors!

6. KaleidoScoops, Glenwood Springs

Starting your journey back towards Denver, this shop’s name is the only thing better than their ice cream. You’ll feel the hometown vibe as soon as you walk in.

7. The Rusted Porch, Steamboat Springs

Head towards Steamboat Springs to check out The Rusted Porch. It’s known for beer and ice cream, so enjoy rustic views as you sip on a pint and devour a root beer float.

8. Walrus Ice Cream Company, Fort Collins

Almost back to the start, take a break in Fort Collins. With daily flavor rotations, you’re in for a surprise. Try out something crazy like Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip.

9. Dairy Delite, Loveland

Loveland is home to the best soft-serve with all natural ingredients. We recommend staying classic here with a chocolate-dipped banana split.

10. Sweet Cow, Boulder

Boulder is Denver’s outdoorsy cousin. What stands out about Sweet Cow are their locally-sourced small batches of ice cream.

Here’s a map of the full trip:

Photo Credit: @2018 Google Maps.

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