It’s no new news that a lot of snow has been falling around Colorado throughout the 2018-2019 winter, but what is surprising some is how much that snowpack is sticking around.

According to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Colorado is currently at 2850% of the snowpack that was still hanging around the state last June 3rd. Granted, last year was a bad year for snowpack (note the light blue line on the chart below), but Colorado is still way above the norm.

Take a peek at the chart below, noting that the thick dark navy line represents 2019 data with the bright red line representing the average.

Snowpack as of June 3 USDA
Chart Credit: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This likely means that the snowpack will be sticking around for quite a bit longer, likely meaning that many trails in the state’s mountain region won’t be dry until late July, with some not hitting their summer stride until August. A rapid melt-off of the snowpack is also likely to lead to problems related to flooding.

If you’re bummed out that this means some of the summer fun might be put on hold, there is a silver lining. Many in the rafting community are expecting conditions around Colorado to be some of the best they’ve been in decades. Read more about that here.

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