A bill has been proposed that might give Colorado’s iconic “white mountains, green sky” license plates a facelift, reverting to the design once used roughly 20 years ago.

Prior to Colorado’s current license plate design, the color scheme was flipped featuring green mountains and a white sky. If the bill passes, the switch to these “green mountain, white sky” plates would take place starting January 1, 2021 for plates that expire on that day or after.

Colorado license plate stebbi66 (Flickr)
Photo Credit: stebbi66 (Flickr)

The reason for the switch is to allegedly make the plates longer lasting and more readable for police officers. Republican State Senator Kevin Priola, who is championing the bill, has expressed concern that the current green letters fade. To him, it’s not about aesthetics.

Specialty plates will continue to be available.

When the initial switch was made in 1999, it was due to the belief that green lettering on white mountains would make the letters and numbers easier to read.

Which plate do you think the state should use?


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