Rangers received multiple 911 calls on Saturday around 8AM reporting an accident on Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan. Upon investigation, it was determined that two rock climbers had fallen roughly 1,000 feet to their death on a route up the nearly 3,000-foot rock face known as ‘Freeblast Route.’ The climbers were later identified as Jason Wells, 46, of Boulder, Colorado, and Tim Klein, 42, of Palmdale, California. Both were very experienced in the sport and had climbed together before.

According to some reports, the men were trying for a speed-climbing record using a technique called “simul climbing,” in which both climbers climb at the same time. While this may sound dangerous, reports also note that the climbers weren’t out of their comfort zone. Though the section that they fell from is known as an easier part of this ascent, it’s also known for loose rocks.




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