Last Tuesday, a bear killed a dog after that dog cornered the bear beneath the deck of a home near Aspen, according to a report by the Aspen Times. The dog was a Welsh terrier. According to the American Kennel Club, a Welsh terrier tends to weigh around 20 pounds.

While a dog of this size doesn’t sound like much of a threat to a bear weighing several hundred pounds, bears are skittish animals, known to lash out when cornered. In this case, the dog started barking at the cornered bear during an early morning potty break, which is what is expected to be what triggered the violent confrontation.

Due to drought, fire, and impending months of hibernation, reports of high levels of bear activity have recently been widespread across the state of Colorado. During this time of the year, black bears can require up to 20,000 calories a day. This desperation for food makes the animals more likely to seek out dinner in unnatural places, resulting in more bears in developed areas.

Dog and pet owners are reminded that they should keep their animals under close watch in parts of the state where wildlife is common, especially during early morning and late evening hours.

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