Travel blog Big Seven Travel, has recently released a ranking of America’s “sexiest” accents – and Colorado was awarded the rather disappointing 39th spot.

Here’s what the blog had to say about Coloradans’ accents:

“Coloradans don’t have a distinctive sound, but there’s definitely an accent here, despite what some people might say. It’s recently been influenced by the Californian vowel shift, yet still holds on to dropping the ‘t’s, so mountains becomes ‘moun’uns’.”

And now I’ve been sitting here saying words that contain the letter “t” in them all morning trying to determine if this is true.

The site claims that this list was based on survey results from a social media audience of 1.5 million.

Curious about the Colorado accent, we dug deeper.

According to a piece published by the Colorado Springs Gazette in 2009, a lot about the Colorado accent is told in the way someone pronounces the name of the state.

“Coloradans who strongly identify with the state use the vowel in ‘rat’ for the third syllable, while non-Coloradans or those whose state connection is tepid, such as the millions from California, use the ‘ah’ sound,” said Thomas E. Nunnally, associate professor of English at Auburn University in Alabama.

Topping out the list were accents from Texas (1st), Boston (2nd), and New York (3rd). The lowest ranking accents were Long Islander (50th), New Jersey (49th), and Minnesotan (48th).

See the full list here.

Learn more about the Colorado accent here.

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