On July 21, a Summit County local, Hannah Taylor, fell from a ridge in the Gore Range near Silverthorne and died. Details of how the death happened have since been released by the Summit County Coroner.

At the time, Hannah was in the process of training with a fellow Summit Nordic Ski Club coach, Olof Hedberg. During a portion of the training session, Hannah was headed across an off-trail ridge that included Class 3 scrambling terrain. Class 3 terrain often includes high exposure and unroped climbing, typically requiring the use of hands and feet. While this is considered extreme and dangerous terrain, Hannah was highly experienced.

According to the coroner’s press release, Hannah fell during this portion of the climb after a large section of rock that she was holding onto snapped off. This rock hit the back of her head, killing her immediately. Her body then fell approximately 66 feet down a steep gully before sliding over a 200-foot cliff. Following the accident, the accompanying Summit Nordic Ski Club coach called 911 before climbing down to confirm she did not survive the fall.

Members of Summit County gather to celebrate the life of their beloved community member on July 26, 2018.

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