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Broadmoor Wilderness Experiences – nearby adventures for family and friends

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Cloud Camp

Cloud Camp elevates your nearby vacation game. Photo Courtesy: The Broadmoor

When I think about my dad, I think about his favorite song, 'What a Wonderful World," and "I see skies of blue and clouds of white, bright sunny days, dark sacred nights, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world." I count myself lucky to live nestled in Cheyenne Canyon with an abundance of outdoor opportunities.  I have found that our close-knit community has been talking about travel a lot lately.  I know I have written about The Broadmoor Wilderness Experiences in the past. Still, I have to say I think about them differently now.

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Let's look at the ease of access, car? Check… No passports? Check! 

Cloud Camp

Relax and drive less to get to your stunning destination at Cloud Camp. Photo Courtesy: Mark Reis, The Gazette

Less than hour travel time to any of the three properties… check.

Since opening day on June 19th, I have been fortunate enough to visit all three of The Broadmoor Wilderness Properties. The only thing missing was my dad.  As he passed away a year ago, I really wish I had taken him with me, to share the views, play a hand of gin rummy and laugh over cocktails. However, I was happy to see other families doing just that, reconnecting with one another, and immersing themselves in time well spent. 

It was heartwarming to see my friends, and yes, I did recognize a few, rewarding themselves and their loved ones. 

The Broadmoor hopes to see its neighbors taking advantage of their little slice of heaven right next door.  You want to know what might be fun to do, buying your own all-inclusive "Camp," not only for Thanksgiving or Christmas but anytime during their operating season.  You may have a group of neighbors who were part of your "quarantine pod," with whom you want to get away, well this is your opportunity. 

With all meals, libations included, and activities and accommodations, what is holding you back from treating yourself to the most relaxing vacation, you will ever take?

Fly Fishing

Family getaways at Fly Fishing Camp make memories. Photo Courtesy: The Broadmoor

Hidden along a private five-mile stretch of the Tarryall River, The Broadmoor Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Camp outfits guests with professional fishing guides and an array of outdoor activities and wildlife watching.   Camp Manager Scott Tarrant and his trusty golden retriever Blue welcome novice and expert anglers alike to learn to their fly fishing paradise 70 miles west of Colorado Springs. Rods, waders, and expertise are provided – along with fabulous meals, a sweet nuzzle from Blue and plenty of time for relaxation or scenic hikes.

Emerald Valley

Nestled among the lush beauty of the Pike National Forest, is The Ranch at Emerald Valley. Ranch Manager and New Zealand native has two new horses in the stables, "Ringo" and "Potato," and before you start snickering, he claims that he had nothing to do with their names.  Your rods and reels are at the ready, as are the archery targets and mountain bikes for trail rides.  Your dining takes place al fresco on the deck or within the lodge.  There is an array of accommodations from the three bedroom Hill House, which could hold my whole family to one of the most unique cabins whose ceiling is lined in copper, Copper Cabin!

Cloud Camp Manager, Lisa Thomassie, welcomes you to Cloud Camp  which sits 3,000 feet above The Broadmoor, where 360-degree views provide a picture-perfect backdrop for nature walks or simply relaxing. New for 2020 - Adventurous Departures!  Broadmoor Outfitters is offering guests of Cloud Camp an exceptional experience coordinated through our Cloud Camp Concierge.  Hike down from Cloud Camp on the Upper/Lower Sunrise Trail to Soaring Adventure Ground School and participate in ziplining the exhilarating Fins Course.  Named for two dorsal-shaped rock outcroppings that look like fish fins, the Fins Course's first zip lines offer excellent views of The Broadmoor Seven Falls Canyon. Traverse on two 200' rope suspension bridges anchored into the rock outcroppings of the Fins, which provide amazing views of The Broadmoor and Colorado Springs. The experience ends with a 180 foot-controlled repel line that lowers guests safely back onto solid ground. Guests at Cloud Camp also enjoy an array of included activities, such as mule rides, pickleball, hiking, and cooking classes.

One of the hikes that I enjoy most is the one between Emerald Valley and Cloud Camp via the McNeill trail.  If you opt for an overnight stay at one or the other, consider hiking the path to and from, you will not be disappointed.  The perspective from the trail and the time spent with your family is the most cherished gift you can give to one another, and you may find that your path leads you to The Broadmoor Wilderness properties.   Thank you, Theile and Weiss, for no more exact words have been written, "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."



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