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11 reasons why Switch Vodka is the best alcohol for camping

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new type of light vodka hitting liquor store shelves around Colorado that’s revolutionizing the campfire cocktail. Skip the glass bottles and beer cans by opting to carry Switch Vodka into the wilderness instead. Switch Vodka is a light liquor that’s designed to be the best alcohol for camping, catering to those that live an active lifestyle with lower calories, less waste, and an all-natural flavor sure to leave you satisfied.

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Editor’s Note: Remember, if you’re consuming alcohol, do so responsibly. Don’t drink and participate in a high-risk activity. You must be age 21 or older to purchase or consume this product.

Here’s a list of reasons why Switch Vodka is the best alcohol for camping:

1. Switch Vodka skips the fake stuff

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Ditch the long list of chemicals often found in other alcohols and go with something more natural. Described by the creators as “more crisp and refreshing than skinny dipping in a mountain spring,” Switch Vodka only uses all-natural ingredients. It’s corn-based and made with reverse osmosis-filtered Colorado water, containing no sugar. Even the flavored options are as natural as it gets, utilizing real fruit extraction and vapor infusion to deliver a drink that’s spot-on with what you’re expecting and one that’s easy to mix.

2. Save the environment with reusable packaging


Switch Vodka comes in a metal container that’s designed with the outdoorsy adventurer in mind. Not only does this make the bottle more durable and less likely to break, possibly leaving glass shards behind in the great outdoors, it’s also designed to be reused instead of being thrown away. Because this metal bottle is so durable, it becomes the perfect on-the-go water bottle after the liquor is gone, able to fit in most backpack side-pockets. When you’re finished making cocktails, this packaging doesn’t have to become trash unless you want it to.

3. Vodka “light” means fewer ‘empty’ calories

Switch Vodka is one of the first ”light” vodkas on the market. Believe it or not, each 1.5-ounce shot of the standard Switch Vodka only contains 83 calories. Flavored varieties only have 86. This compares to an industry standard of around 100 calories per vodka shot. To keep the calories low and the drinks delicious, simply bring a few cans of seltzer water along to use as a mixer. This will allow you to make one of the easiest and lowest-calorie campsite cocktails.

4. As cold as the Rocky Mountains, in a natural way


Lugging an ice-filled cooler along on an adventure can be a pain and not many people prefer their spirits warm. Another benefit of the Switch Vodka packaging is how the metal design allows for quick temperature transfer, letting you cool down your drink fast. Because of the metal bottle, Switch Vodka can be quickly cooled off in a mountain stream or pile of snow.

5. Lower alcohol content might mean fewer high-altitude hangovers

While many vodkas reach toward an ABV of 40 percent, Switch Vodka is slightly lower at 30 percent. This makes it easier for a camper to be more responsible with how much they’re consuming, hopefully avoiding a trip-ruining hangover. Remember, Colorado has an average elevation of 6,860-feet above sea level, meaning that many outdoor activities will require the body to be feeling as good as possible.

6. Switch Vodka will make your campfire stories more interesting

Let Switch Vodka loosen you up a bit for campfire storytime. Alcohol consumption can sometimes have the effect of reducing nervousness and anxiety while boosting the mood. This is sure to make your wild adventure stories flow a bit better – something all of your camping companions will be thankful for.

7. Switch Vodka might help you get some shut-eye

Sleeping at the campsite can be difficult. The ground can be hard, nature can be noisy, and the mountain air can be frigid. Believe it or not, alcohol consumption may help in this situation. With a side-effect of inducing drowsiness, alcohol may help you fall to sleep quickly despite the uncomfortable conditions. However, make sure you drink responsibly as too much booze can reduce the quality of sleep drastically, along with sleep’s restorative properties.

8. The larger bottle means more room for snacks 

In this case, more might actually be less (in a good way). While most vodka containers hold 750 milliliters, the Switch Vodka bottle is a full liter. This gives campers 33 percent more product without requiring another bottle to be packed. Plus, the aluminum construction is lightweight, preventing the extra size from weighing you down. Use the space in your bag that you’d typically waste on less-efficiently packed booze to bring more snacks and games along for the trip.

9. Switch Vodka makes campsite bartending a breeze


If you’re looking to pack as light as possible while still producing palette-pleasing cocktails, the flavored versions of Switch Vodka allow you to leave some of the ingredients at home. In addition to the standard vodka, Switch also offers “peach basil” and “pomegranate lemongrass” options – also all-natural. They’re flavored with real fruit extracts and vapor-infused with real botanicals. Mix one of these options with a little bit of lemonade or seltzer water and you’re good to go. You’ll have your camping companions believing you spent time studying the art of bartending.

10. Don’t waste energy lugging beer cans around

Containing approximately 22 1.5-ounce shots in a liter of product, Switch Vodka is “light” for a second reason. While beer tends to be the traditional drink of choice for campers, a can of beer weighs .78 pounds. Twenty-two cans would weigh more than 17. The same number of servings in a Switch Vodka Light bottle weighs under three pounds. Coupled that with the easy-to-carry design of the bottle and Switch is the perfect way to bring booze along efficiently while staying mobile. This is a key reason that Switch Vodka is the best alcohol for camping.

11. The iStill Distilling process is consistent and efficient

Switch Vodka is created with the “iStill” distilling process. This cutting-edge technology allows for a very high level of consistency, while also being extremely efficient in energy use. Not only does this process make the product more reliable, it also creates a product with less of an impact on the planet. The iStill technology does this by incorporating intelligent automation into the distilling process, making the distilling process more efficient with less wasted energy.


Switch Vodka is distilled with Rocky Mountain water in Littleton, Colorado. It can be found in many liquor stores around the state of Colorado, from Denver to Leadville (really, it’s in a liquor store found at 10,151 feet above sea level).

Find Switch Vodka here.

If you’re over 21, find Switch Vodka on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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