Known for beautiful views and world-class resorts, Colorado has no problem attracting tourists from around the world. That being said, all tourists are not created equally. A seasoned ski country veteran will recognize the dead giveaways that reveal where a tourist is visiting from. Here’s a quick list of the tell-tale signs that a Texan is taking a trip to the slopes.

1. They’ve got at least one piece of gear on that’s reppin’ the Cowboys.

Photo Credit: Valocity Studios.

Whether it’s the famous Dallas star on a beanie or a jersey stretched over a ski jacket, a true Texan wants everyone to know that they’re cheering for the boys…even when it’s 10 degrees with foot-deep snow on the ground.

2. Slow is a way of life…

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero.

Maybe it has to do with the culture or maybe they’re gaping at the scenery, but most likely they’re just not used to driving in snow. Lack of experience is surely the reason, but that’s not surprising…Texas doesn’t get many blizzards. But the slow moving nature of a Texan around ski towns and over mountain passes has every local dreading the Texas license plate.

3. …Unless they’re on the slopes.

Photo Credit: Mt. Hood Territory.

Once a Texan straps in, speed becomes the main priority. There’s nothing wrong with going fast on skis or a board—just make sure you do it safely. Don’t be the person that’s blasting down the hill because they don’t know how to stop properly.

4. “Y’all” starts getting thrown around so much that even the locals start saying it.

Photo Credit: Steve Bremer.

A regional term that gets noticed by any outsider, “y’all” is one term that can’t help but sneak its way into a Texan’s vocabulary. Whether they mean to or not, locals might end up picking up this term during tourist season due to the sheer amount of Texans around. Expect to hear a few “howdy”s too.

5. Clouds in the sky means staying inside.

Photo Credit: Tobyotter.

We get it, you’re from a really warm place that has some awesome weather. But what’d you expect? If there were never any clouds in ski country, there’d never be any snow. Just because it’s a bit nippy doesn’t mean you should skip a day on the slopes.

6. Hunting gear = ski gear.

If it’s warm and it works, go for it! There are far worse fashion trends on the ski hill than camo and bright clothing. Just leave the jeans at home.

7. Cheap rental gear that seems too small.

Everything’s bigger in Texas right? And people from Texas just tend to be bigger than people from Colorado. Whether it’s muscle or a few too many cheeseburgers, the size of a Texan can make them stand out on the hill, from the space they take up in the bar to the way their skis seem awkwardly small.

8. The ski town has a steak shortage.

It’s no secret that Texans love their fancy meats…hence why such delicious barbecue comes out of the Lone Star State. While most restaurants are used to the influx of carnivorous Texans that flock to Colorado during ski season, if you’re wanting to grill out after a day on the slopes, make sure you avoid grabbing your store-bought meats last minute.

9. A great run is followed by a “yee-haw”!

Yee-haw! Photo Credit: Ruth and Dave.

Just kidding! We know this stereotype is pretty inaccurate these days. If someone is saying “yee-haw” on a ski run, they’re probably just taking a lighted-hearted jab at Texas.