Booby Trap(s) Found on Colorado Springs Trail(s)

Captain Jack’s Trail, Colorado. Photo By: Tasha Heilweil.

According to several recent posts in the “Colorado Springs Mountain Biking” Facebook group (starting on January 20, 2018), one or more booby traps have been reportedly found on trails in the Colorado Springs area. The booby trap(s) are said to consist of fishing line strung across the trail utilizing nearby trees as anchors with the assumed goal of stopping bike and moto riders as they roll by.

The booby traps have been reported to be found on two trails, including Captain Jack’s and the Sesame Canyon Trail, both in the North Cheyenne Cañon area. At the moment, we’re unable to say with full certainty whether or not this is the same instance being reported, as the Sesame Canyon Trail originates on Captain Jack’s.

Keep an eye out for similar booby traps on the trails in the nearby area, as these can pose an extreme danger. If you see booby traps or vandalism, here’s how you can report it. Please help the Colorado Springs outdoor community stay safe by reporting instances when they occur.

Colorado Springs is no stranger to booby-trapped trails, as a past instance of homemade  spike strips caused concern among Colorado Springs residents in 2014. Another trap was found in the Colorado Springs area in August of 2017 on Barr Trail. This trap was similar in nature to those recently reported, consisting of wire stretched across the trail.

Here’s a video that shows what Captain Jack’s is like:

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This is an ongoing story. Our team is continuing to reach out to involved parties for further verification.

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