Breckenridge will bid farewell to the troll that captured imaginations in only a brief stay.

Isak Heartstone’s human neighbors sought his banishment long ago, as his fame attracted hundreds of unwanted visitors daily. But those cries weren’t the reason for the Town Council’s decision Tuesday evening, Mayor Eric Mamula said in a phone call.

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Weeks after deciding on letting the wooden, 15-foot-tall sculpture remain, it came to the council’s attention that troll hunters were slipping and hurting themselves on the icy Wellington Trail through the woods east of town.

Also, the mayor said, the overflow lot where Heartstone’s visitors were parking and shuttling from now will be serving ski resort guests. And with the winter bustle returning to Breckenridge, it’s time for police to return their focus downtown, away from that concerned neighborhood.

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“Now it needs to be said, the BCA, Breckenridge Creative Arts here, they did a fantastic job,” Mamula said of the group, which hired the artist who created the troll for August’s International Festival of Arts. “It was a home run. It was such a home run. Nobody expected it to be so overwhelmingly popular, so kudos to the BCA.”

But the mayor sided with five of the seven council members who voted for Heartstone’s exile. Initially, the plan had been to leave the troll until the elements or vandalism left him in disrepair.

“If it was in a place where it was safer and easier to get to, and if it didn’t have an impact on the local neighborhood, then I’d be fine with keeping it,” Mamula said. “But because of those three things, it’s time.”

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At a time yet to be determined, the troll will be dismantled, his body of beetle kill timber dismembered. Crafted by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, Heartstone’s relatives will remain in their domains elsewhere in the world, including Sleeping Louis near Copenhagen, Big Young in South Korea and several brothers and sisters in a museum outside of Chicago.

Dambo is a busy guy, Mamula understands.

“If we can do another one in a couple of years and bring in that kind of life and vibrancy, I think that’d be great,” he said.

RELATED: Artist calls for help in saving troll

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