According to a news release by the Breckenridge Police Department, a young cyclist was struck by a vehicle and rushed to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado last Friday. A post by the Summit Daily stated that the accident occurred at roughly 1 PM near The Wellington Neighborhood in Breckenridge, mentioning that the county Coroner confirmed a death at 2:50 PM.

At the moment, we’re still looking for details regarding the use of a helmet, as well as fault in the accident.

This incident is sure to bring attention to bike safety in mountain towns across the high country. While speed limits tend to be lower in many of these destinations, distracted driving and visitors unfamiliar with local roads often cause problems. Regardless of the speed limit on the road, it’s always important for both bikers and drivers to be aware and operate their respective set of wheels safely.

If you’re a biker, here are a few tips that can help keep you safe on the roadways.

1. Wear bright colors.

2. Utilize lights and reflectors when possible.

3. Avoid driving during hours of low visibility and sharp sun angles (dusk/dawn).

4. Use proper hand signals to indicate turns.

5. If you’re on the road, follow traffic rules.

6. Be predictable.

7. Pay attention to parked cars.

Here’s a map that shows where The Wellington Neighborhood is in Breckenridge, Colorado. This is near where the accident occurred:

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