On July 18, 2019, popular video streaming service Netflix premiered a movie called Secret Obsession, starring Brenda Song. It’s billed as a psychological thriller with a plot that revolves around a woman that wakes up in a hospital following an accident with short-term memory loss. There’s a man by her side who introduces himself as her husband and the plot soon thickens.

With a low rating of 4.3/10 on IMDB, it might not surprise you that there are some pretty glaring mistakes in the film – including one where the iconic, very well-known, and highly recognizable Boulder Flatirons are identified as Silverado Canyon, California.

I know what you’re probably thinking…”Silverado Canyon must be a fictional place and they had to find some ‘footage’ of it somewhere.” Nope!

Silverado Canyon is a real place. It’s a 2,500-foot deep gorge in California’s Santa Ana Mountains. Also odd, “Silverado Canyon” is also said to be 100 miles north of San Francisco in the movie. Nope! It’s actually south of Los Angeles, a 7 hour, 443 mile drive south of San Francisco. See a photo of it below.

Silverado Canyon California Shannon1 Wikimedia Commons
Silverado Canyon, California. Photo Credit: Shannon1 (Wikimedia Commons).

As you might expect, many people have been immediately noticing this goof. It’s even been added to the IMDB page along with two other mistakes in the film – a head wound that seems to move locations every other cut and the use of a defibrillator in a way that simply wouldn’t work.

I get it – it’s common practice for movies and television shows to feature locations that aren’t actually accurate. It makes filming cheaper and more efficient. Chicago (2002) was actually filmed in Toronto, not Chicago. Scarface (1983) was actually filmed in Los Angeles, not Miami. Scenes of Westeros were actually filmed in Dubrovnik. However, at least in these cases it’s not so obvious.

Who knows, maybe next time Netflix grab a photo of the Maroon Bells and claim it’s Paris. We’ll have to wait and see.

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