As predicted, a storm called a “bomb cyclone” is hitting Colorado during rush hour and it’s expected to continue throughout the day. Denver is one spot that’s being hit the hardest at the moment.

The bomb cyclone is already dropping huge amounts of rain and wreaking havoc on the roadways. There have been numerous closures related to the storm, including one that shut down lanes of I-25 and several others that have shut down lanes on I-70. Find an up-to-date list of shutdowns here.

As the storm continues, rain is expected to transition into heavy, wet snow. It’s in the 40s now, but a temperature drop is coming soon, likely resulting in freezing rain and ice. Gusts are expected to reach 70 miles per hour.

Here’s a look at how the storm has been intensifying.

Here’s a look at the current forecast:

Colorado State Police have warned people in areas where the storm will hit to stay home due to the high likelihood of crashes:

Denver is expected to get 6 to 12 inches of snow, with some places in the mountains and in northern Colorado expecting much more, possibly in the range of 20 inches.

Denver International Airport has canceled hundreds of flights in anticipation of the storm.

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