Though terrain proved difficult during initial recovery efforts, crews were able to recover the body of a woman that reportedly fell to her death on Pikes Peak. Witnesses reported discovering her body around noon on Sunday near a section of Pikes Peak’s Barr Trail called “16 Golden Stairs.” This section is the final push to the summit, a series of switchbacks.

During recovery attempts on Sunday, the terrain proved too difficult for the helicopter that was being used. Crews were able to retrieve the body at 2PM on Monday.

The Barr Trail route to the Pikes Peak summit is known for it’s length. At just over 13 miles in one direction, hikers that go up and down the Barr Trail cover the same distance that they would in a marathon. While some hikers choose to camp overnight at Barr Camp, others will hike this in one day.

As the unidentified woman was discovered on Sunday and given the popularity of the Barr Trail, it’s likely that this day was when the incident occurred. While Colorado Springs was warm and sunny on Sunday, high-altitude areas did have snow coverage and ice.

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