A body has been found in Lake Pueblo that has been determined to be that of the boater operating a small aluminum watercraft that sank Monday. The body was found Wednesday in 109-foot deep water.

The identity of the man is yet to be released. It is known that he was a 70-year-old resident of Pueblo West.

A 911 call about the sinking boat was made when onlookers saw the boat sinking and noticed a man nearby in the water that was not swimming to shore. Cold temperatures of Lake Pueblo at this time of the year are said to impact motor skills in a matter of minutes, making rescue by someone unprepared for the temperatures quite dangerous.

Following a temporary halt to the search on Monday due to complications related to wind and low-power equipment, a high-powered sonar was brought in and the search eventually resumed. This high-powered sonar was what found indications of a body beneath the surface. The body was then recovered by divers.

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