How Many Welcome to Colorful Colorado Signs Are There?

For decades, these iconic “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” signs have invigorated weary travelers with the knowledge that the mountains are close. The Colorado Department of Transportation has installed 41 signs welcoming people to this great state. But that’s not all of them… there’s one in the History Colorado Center in Denver as well, ending the official count at 42!

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Via interstates and highways, there are 6 from the West, 12 from the North, 11 from the East, and 12 from the South. See below for the full list:

Welcome to Colorado - OutThere Colorado

Western Border:

  • CO-318 east from Utah
  • US-40 east from Utah
  • I-70 (US-6) east from Utah
  • CO-90 east from Utah
  • US-491 east from Utah
  • CO-41 east from Utah
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    Northern Border:

  • I-76 south from Nebraska
  • US-138 south from Nebraska
  • CO-11 south from Nebraska
  • US-385 south from Nebraska
  • NE-19 (CO-113) south from Nebraska
  • NE-71 (CO-71) south from Nebraska
  • US-85 (County Rd 29) south from Wyoming
  • I-25 (US-87) south from Wyoming
  • US-287 south from Wyoming
  • CO-127 south from Wyoming
  • CO-125 south from Wyoming
  • CO-13 south from Wyoming
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    Eastern Border:

  • US-160 west from Kansas
  • CO-116 (W Rd 12, Manter, KS) west from Kansas
  • US-400 west from Kansas
  • CO-96 (Main St, KS-96) west from Kansas
  • US-40 west from Kansas
  • I-70 west from Kansas
  • Old US Highway 24 west from Kansas
  • US-36 west from Kansas
  • US-34 west from Nebraska
  • US-6 west from Nebraska
  • CO-23 west from Nebraska
  • Southern Border:

  • US-160 north from New Mexico
  • US-491 north from New Mexico
  • CO-140 north from New Mexico
  • US-550 north from New Mexico
  • NM-511 (CO-172) north from New Mexico
  • US-84 north from New Mexico
  • CO-17 north from New Mexico
  • US-285 north from New Mexico
  • CO-159 north from New Mexico
  • I-25 (US-87) north from New Mexico
  • CO-389 north from New Mexico
  • US-287 (US-385) north from Oklahoma
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