7 Best Colorado Springs Mountain Bike Trails with a View

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo Credit: Richard Bittles (iStock).

Colorado Springs, Colorado has quickly become one of the hot spots in the state for mountain biking. With plenty of open space and lots of surrounding mountain terrain, riders can easily find mountain bike trails to fit their skill level. There are also great rides that sport panoramic or unique vistas of Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs.

1. Buckhorn Loop

Buckhorn Loop in North Cheyenne Cañon offers brilliant views on this four-mile long trek. The loop starts out with a hearty 1.5-mile climb where you will be rewarded with gorgeous vistas of the area. If you descend too fast you will miss out on a glimpse of Silver Cascade Falls.

2. Barr Trail

The 26-mile roundtrip Barr Trail up to the top of Pikes Peak is only for expert riders. During your climb and descent you will have some of the most inspiring views of the Colorado Springs area.

3. Ute Trail

One of the few places you can mountain bike in Garden of the Gods is along the six-mile Ute Trail. On this ride, you will view incredible Morrison Formation as well as stunning sage brush. The Ute Trail is ideal for beginners or someone looking for a clean ride.

4. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Red Rock Canyon Open Space, also known as the “secret Garden of the Gods,” is perfect for intermediate riders looking for stunning scenery and a mixture of challenges. The 15-miles of trail boast some nice vantage points of the beautiful Morrison Formation as well as Colorado Springs.

5. Hogback Ridge Trail

One of the best trails within Red Rock Canyon Open Space is the 1.5-mile Hogback Ridge Trail. After a steep climb on loose gravel you will be treated to vistas of Colorado Springs as you ride leisurely along the peak ridge.

6. Rampart Reservoir

The 14-mile ride at Rampart Reservoir is perfect for all types of riders looking for big vistas of the surrounding area. The trail is best ridden clockwise and you will find tons of turn outs to catch a heart-stopping glance of the scenery. Riders will find something for all skill levels, from flat sections to highly technical areas for more expert riders.

7. Grandview Trail

The two-mile Grandview Trail lives up to the name with splendid views of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, and the Garden of the Gods Park. Intermediate riders will find this trail within Palmer Park a pure delight with challenging slick rock features.


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