25 Pounds of Explosives Trigger Massive Avalanche in Ophir, Colorado

A sign warns about avalanche danger. Sometimes an avalanche can be cause for concern to both skiers and drivers, alike. (iStock)

Us Coloradans might not have to deal with natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes, but nature here still poses risks. Thanks to huge amounts of snowfall, avalanches are something to always be cautious of while in the mountains, especially in more isolated, backcountry areas. Fortunately, Colorado safety crews work around the clock to prevent casualties from these snow slides as much as possible. Here’s an upclose look at the sheer power of an intentionally triggered avalanche in Ophir, Colorado.

A few facts about avalanches:

Avalanches can reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour in seconds.
On average, Colorado avalanches claim 6 lives each year.
Colorado is home to more than 500 known avalanche paths.
As a safety measure, crews trigger over 250 avalanches each year.

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