As you might expect, tiny homes aren’t always ideal in extreme weather scenarios – including blizzards.

The Cripple Creek Fire Department has posted a series of images showing a tiny home that was blown over and pushed down the road by “blizzard force winds” that came with the area’s most recent storm.

Tiny home flipped 2 Cripple Creek Fire Department
Photo Credit: Cripple Creek Fire Department via Facebook.

According to their post on Tuesday morning, there was a person inside of the tiny home at the time, as well as two cats. The three were rescued by responders from Cripple Creek Fire Department and Southwest Teller County EMS.

Wind speeds peaked at over 50 miles per hour in the Cripple Creek area on the night of the incident, reaching speeds of close to 60 miles per hour earlier in the day. Cripple Creek is located in the foothills of Pikes Peak at 9,494 feet above sea level.

This incident is a good reminder to many around Colorado living in tiny homes, recreational vehicles, and other similar residences that their residence may not be meant for extreme winter weather. Know the limits of your home and know when you should find somewhere else to shack up for the night.

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