Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials from Mount Evans are reminding visitors to “keep wildlife wild.”

Officials took to Twitter to urge caution after mountain goats and bighorn sheep on Mount Evans started acting unusual. In the video below, several mountain goats are seen coming right up to vehicles and licking their salty tires.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officials say this behavior in unnatural for mountain goats and has become a serious problem on Mount Evans Scenic Byway, the highest paved road in North America and a popular Colorado 14er.

Mountain goat licking salt off tires on Mount. Evans, a popular Colorado 14er. Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are also urging visitors to respect wildlife by viewing and photographing from a safe distance, remaining at least 50 feet away.

Mountain goats and bighorn sheep have also been spotted running towards people holding food, climbing on top of vehicles, approaching large crowds, and entering restrooms. This strange behavior is unsafe for both Mount Evans visitors and wildlife. If you see wildlife while traveling along Mount Evans Scenic Byway, remember to stay in your car, and take photographs from a safe distance.

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