Extremely rainy conditions in Denver have been causing major safety issues with driving, as standing puddles have led to frequent hydroplaning while rain coupled with fog has led to limited visibility. Rainy conditions are expected to drop off mid-afternoon, but roads are expected to remain slick until then, and for some time after. Following a dry winter, excess oil and chemicals tends to be stuck on the roadways for the first few storms of the season. This can make spots especially slick during this timeframe.

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This is coupled with wild weather across the Front Range, as Colorado Springs is seeing big flakes falling from the sky in northern areas of the town with a higher elevation. Road closures along I-70 have also caused traffic issues in the high country.

While today’s weather might be dreary and dangerous if caution is not exercised, recent moisture is met with rejoice by many Coloradans who have expressed major concern over increased fire risks following a dry winter.

RELATED: Weather results in closures on I-70

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