Looking for the best bang-for-your-buck deal when it comes to ski gloves? Look no further than a brand called Kinco. They’ve got an entire line of affordable work gloves that are super warm and with a little bit of legwork, totally waterproof. Here’s the pair I’ve got. They’re on Amazon for around $15 (at the time of publishing $14.29) and they’re made out of a durable pigskin. You’ll also need to buy some Sno-Seal to make them slope-ready, but that’s less than $10.

While the tan hide design isn’t anything flashy, a lot of companies that pride themselves on ski gear have recently started to make gloves with a similar style (likely due to the huge amount of locals that rock the Kincos on the ski hill). Don’t love the standard design? The same glove also comes in a mitten version and you can find slight variations by searching the web.

Photo Credit: @parentaj (Instagram).

Of course, with these gloves, there’s a catch. Like I mentioned, you’ve got to do the waterproofing yourself. The easiest way to do this is the aforementioned Sno-Seal product. You’ll follow a series of steps that basically consists of covering the gloves in Sno-Seal and sticking them in the oven at a low-temperature.

So, there you have it. The most affordable and one of the most-functional glove options for winter sports. They’re durable, they’re warm, and they can be made waterproof. Know of a better glove option that’s in the same price range? Let us know.

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