Beyond exploring the snowy slopes of Colorado, slopegoers can look forward to discovering a variety of savory sips and delicious bites on the mountain. Here’s a look at some of our favorite spots for filling your belly and quenching your thirst across the Centennial State.

Editor’s Note: If you’re consuming alcohol, use a designated driver and consume responsibly. Alcohol consumption is only allowed in Colorado for those 21 and over.


1. Burritos

Breakfast Burrito Road Trip Colorado
Mexican Breakfast Burrito With Chips And Salsa

Colorado’s burrito game is strong. Whether you’re craving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these often massive burritos are sure to hit the spot. While you’re likely to find burritos smothered in green chile around the entire state, top spots include La Cantina (Vail), Taco Cabo (Steamboat Springs), Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina (Breckenridge), Highlands Taqueria (Aspen), and South Park Brewing (Fairplay).

2. Wild Game Burgers

File photo of burger, Photo Credit: Anna_Brothankova (iStock).
File photo of burger, Photo Credit: Anna_Brothankova (iStock).

If you’re yearning to sink your teeth into a juicy wild game burger, you’ve come to the right place. Colorado is the king of wild game food dishes, including elk, bison, venison, bear, yak, and moose. Here are just a few spots around the state where you can find wild game on the menu: Breckenridge Brewery & Pub (Breckenridge), Pepi’s Bar & Restaurant (Vail), and Elk Avenue Prime (Crested Butte.)

3. Colorado-Style Pizza

Beau Jo's Colorado Style Pizza. Photo Credit: Beau Jo's
Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza. Photo Credit: Beau Jo’s

There’s nothing better to keep you going on the slopes like a giant slice of pizza (Make sure you drizzle your crust in honey to really get the full Colorado experience!). Top cheesy picks include Piante Pizzeria (Breckenridge), Pizza 101 (Keystone), The Secret Stash (Crested Butte), Brown Dog Pizza (Telluride), and Mazzola’s Italian Restaurant (Steamboat Springs.) If you’re willing to travel the state by the slice, here’s your guide to the ultimate pizza road trip.

4. Breakfast Crepes

Crepes with Fresh Berries, Chocolate Sauce and Powdered sugar. Photo Credit: Lauri Patterson (iStock).
Photo Credit: Lauri Patterson (iStock).

Breakfast crepes are a must-try! You’ll find these thin pancake-like pastries all around the state. Breckenridge is one mountain town known for serving up some hot and tasty crepes. Stop by Crepes A La Cart to get your fix. The “Monte Cristo” filled with cheddar cheese, ham, chicken, honey Dijon, raspberry jam, and powdered sugar offers up a savory treat. For chocolate lovers, try the “German Chocolate Cake Crepe,” made with milk chocolate, angel food cake, walnuts, toasted coconut, dulce de leche, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s a dream. French Alpine Bistro in Aspen is another great choice for both sweet and savory crepes.

5. Slopeside Tacos

Photo Credit: grandriver (iStock).

You can’t go wrong with slopeside tacos. As all taco-lovers know, they’re flavorful and satisfying, especially if paired with a margarita. Some of my favorite mountain town taco spots include Highlands Taqueria (Aspen), Bonez (Crested Butte), Rocky Mountain Taco (Vail), Sancho Tacos (Breckenridge), Dos Locos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina (Keystone), Salt & Lime (Steamboat Springs), and Taco del Gnar (Telluride).


6.  Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy. Photo Credit: ivandzyuba (iStock).
Hot Toddy. Photo Credit: ivandzyuba (iStock).

Come off the slopes, find a seat by the fireplace, and warm up with a hot toddy. You’ll find this toasty drink in any ski town as it’s a slopegoers common drink of choice! It’s made with honey, fresh lemon juice, hot water, and whiskey, and garnished with lemon and cinnamon sticks. It’s a simple, hot blend to help you shake off that cold mountain chill.

7. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee, Photo Credit: nickpo (iStock).
Photo Credit: nickpo (iStock).

This drink is one for coffee lovers. A classic Irish coffee is made with a blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream, sometimes spiked with a shot of Bailey’s. It’s the perfect way to kick up your heels and warm up after a day of tearing up the slopes.

8. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktail with celery and olives. Photo Credit: invizbk (iStock).
Photo Credit: invizbk (iStock).

Think Bloody Marys are only for summer sipping? Think again! The strong and spicy combination of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and Tabasco sauce is hard to beat on the mountain. Plus, let’s face it, it’s never too early (or late) for a Bloody Mary.

9. Moscow Mule

Moscow mule ice cold cocktail in copper cup with lime and and mint on gray stone backgroundPhoto Credit: wmaster890 (iStock).
Photo Credit: wmaster890 (iStock).

You’ve probably noticed those fancy copper mugs floating around the bars in Colorado. One of the most famed cocktails in the state is a Moscow Mule made with vodka, ginger beer, and freshly squeezed lime juice. The signature copper mug is an important component and you can easily find variations of the refreshing cocktail at nearly any ski-town bar you visit in the state. From variations like a strawberry basil mule to grapefruit and watermelon, you can’t go wrong.

10. Craft Beer

Beer flight in summer. Photo Credit: DavidPrahl (iStock).
Photo Credit: DavidPrahl (iStock).

Colorado loves its craft beer. Before you turn your nose up at the sound of hops, give it a try. The flavors are unique. Featuring flavors of florals, citrusy fruits, or sour bites, there’s a wide variety of craft beer to be discovered across the Centennial State. Just ask your bartender for a few samples and you’ll hop your way into craft beer in no time!

Looking to explore craft breweries in Colorado? We’ve pulled together the ultimate brewery road trip around Colorado. Click here to get started!

Editor’s Note: If you’re consuming alcohol, use a designated driver and consume responsibly. Alcohol consumption is only allowed in Colorado for those 21 and over.

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