If there’s one thing the OutThere Colorado team loves, it’s supporting a great cause that’s geared towards getting more people outside. One Colorado spring skiing event that can’t be missed is Arapahoe Basin’s annual “Save Our Snow Celebration” and demo day. Visitors can pay a small fee to try out tons of awesome new gear, and proceeds benefit the High Country Conservation Center, an organization that’s main focus is spreading awareness and education about preserving Colorado’s high altitude environment. We took the team to this year’s event, bringing doughnuts, leis, and of course, a camera. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the day.

HOW-TO: Leave No Trace While You’re Exploring Colorado!


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 2 - OutThere Colorado
The OutThere Colorado banner flying high! Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 10 - OutThere Colorado
Sophie Goodman describes the OutThere Colorado mission to a curious skier. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 15 - OutThere Colorado
Of course the OutThere crew had to do a run with the Clif Bar team. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Cliffy (also known as Lee) of the Clif Bar team looks over Arapahoe Basin’s awesome terrain. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 22 - OutThere Colorado
An OutThere Colorado fan holds their shirt up proudly. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 3 - OutThere Colorado
If you want a free doughnut from OutThere Colorado, you’ve got to get through Sophie Goodman first. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 20 - OutThere Colorado
Never Summer tinkers with the bindings on one of their demo boards. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - Dog - OutThere Colorado
Arapahoe Basin is one of the most dog friendly resorts in the state. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 9 - OutThere Colorado
Several companies raise their tents at the base of Arapahoe Basin. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - 12 - OutThere Colorado
A lucky visitor that scored a free OutThere Colorado shirt at our booth. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


Arapahoe Basin - Save Our Snow - Mountain Detail - OutThere Colorado
Rocks poke through the snow at Arapahoe Basin. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.


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