Ten people plus four cars plus film gear, luggage, Costco snacks, and one golden retriever named Sawyer equals the building blocks of an OutThere Colorado film shoot.

We spent seven days in September trekking all over Summit County fly fishing, kayaking, sailing, climbing, paragliding, and stargazing. It’s always an adventure with the Prospect Arts team and OutThere Colorado crew, but we all agreed that this fall film shoot during peak golden aspen season was the best one yet.

Fly Fishing – Tarryall River, Broadmoor Fish Camp

Scouting Fishing Tarryall River Broadmoor Fish Camp - OutThere Colorado
Karen Scheffe of Prospect Arts captures the anglers as they scout for prime fishing spots along the Tarryall River at the Broadmoor Fish Camp.

The trip began on the banks of the Tarryall River at the Broadmoor Fish Camp, and our goal was to capture as many aspects of the angling experience as possible. We took still photos, close up shots with a Sony FS7, and high altitude drone shots.

Tarryall River Broadmoor Fish Camp Filming with Drone - OutThere Colorado
The Inspire drone allows us to take smooth aerial shots while shooting in 4K resolution.

Though we’d left Colorado Springs at 4 am, and though the morning was cold and windy, we all slowly settled into the serene setting and meditative state that early morning fly fishing induces. It probably also helped that we didn’t have cell service.

Justin Kincaid Tarryall River Broadmoor Fish Camp - OutThere Colorado
Justin Kincaid, Data Coordinator of OutThere Colorado, wrapped up and braved chilly temperatures to act as production assistant to the Prospect Arts film crew.
Fly Fishing Tarryall River - OutThere Colorado
Rhett Cutrell of Prospect Arts expertly captures a close up of a fly in a drift, waiting for the fish to bite.

Kayaking, Dillon Reservoir

We could not have timed the film shoot better—the aspens in Summit County on the hillsides surrounding Lake Dillon were at their fall color peak. It therefore wasn’t hard to get some beautiful early morning kayaking shots on Lake Dillon. Ollie the pup was one happy dog that morning!

Kayaking Dillon Reservoir - OutThere Colorado
Pup Ollie loved kayaking on the Dillon Reservoir.

Paddleboarding, Dillon Reservoir

SOL Paddleboards, a company based in Telluride, lent us some gear for the SUP portion of our Lake Dillon shoot. Our talent, a good-natured crew of yoga teachers and pro athletes, explored the inlet and islands dotted along the western side of the reservoir.

SOL Paddleboards Dillon Reservoir - OutThere Colorado
SOL Paddleboards are the perfect recreational board for paddling the inlets of the Dillon Reservoir.

Climbing, Officer’s Gulch

One of the most challenging days of filming turned out to be climbing. If you decide to climb at Officer’s Gulch along I-70 between Breckenridge and Copper, be forewarned that the ten-minute approach includes steep switchbacks, and on snowy days, slippery trails. In spite of the challenging approach, icy fingers, and a chilled crew, the falling snow did make for some beautiful footage.

Ben Sherlock Climbing Officers Gulch - OutThere Colorado
Ben Sherlock, Head of Production for Prospect Arts and Director of Photography for OutThere Colorado’s fall film shoot, captures the climbers as they approach the route at Officer’s Gulch.
Ronin Captures Climbing Officer's Gulch - OutThere Colorado
The Ronin stabilizes the attached camera to capture beautiful close up shots of the climbers on the wall at Officer’s Gulch.
Climbing Officers Gulch - OutThere Colorado
Despite persistent snowfall, the climbers effortlessly scaled the walls of Officer’s Gulch.

Cycling, Vail Pass

The most physical day of shooting had to be cycling on Vail Pass. Our pro cyclists, however, were unfazed by the steep ascents!

Cycling Vail Pass - OutThere Colorado
How do you keep up with elite cyclists? Sometimes, you have to get creative.
Dana Feiss Cycling Vail Pass - OutThere Colorado
Dana Feiss, member of the US National Women’s Track Cycling team, patiently spent the day cycling Vail Pass with us.

Paragliding, Vail Valley

We’re pretty lucky here at OutThere Colorado. We work with world-class athletes and film crews to capture some pretty amazing outdoor experiences. The most epic day of our fall film shoot was the last day. We used every piece of film equipment in our arsenal—drones, FS7, Ronin, GoPros, OSMO—to film paragliding over Vail Valley.

Ronin Paragliding - OutThere Colorado
Luke Boney of Prospect Arts victoriously wields the Ronin. Guess he got the shot.
Bellyache Paragliding Jump Site Vail Valley - OutThere Colorado
The talent got a running start toward the edge of the cliff at the Bellyache Paragliding jump site in the Vail Valley.
Drone Aerial Filming Paragliding Vail Valley - OutThere Colorado
Flying drones all day is exhausting work.
Paragliding Vail Valley - OutThere Colorado
For those brave enough to jump, paragliders are rewarded with unparalleled and unobstructed views of the Vail Valley.

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