An avalanche occurred on Tuesday morning in Hinsdale County, Colorado, crushing a home and injuring three people that were inside. The three people – Hinsdale County Sheriff and two of his daughters – were found approximately one hour after the slide.

After their discovery, the three were transported to a local medical facility. Two individuals had minor injuries, while the other person had serious injuries. It has not been released which of the three sustained the more serious injuries. Some news sources have indicated that the “outlook is good,” though we have yet to be able to verify that statement.

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management has encouraged residents living in certain parts of town to evacuate due to heightened avalanche risk. The Lake City Armory is currently open to those seeking safer shelter.

Lake City is a high-altitude town in Colorado found at 8,661 feet. It’s located at the bottom of a valley, which can make avalanches problematic.

Avalanches continue to call big problems in Colorado with more snow on the way. While big snow is dumping in the mountains, the Front Range will soon be hit with hurricane-strength winds and snow.

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