On January 27, the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office sent out a tweet that included the line “large boulder the size of small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane.” Thanks to the odd wording regarding the size of the boulder, the tweet quickly went viral, getting more than 200,000 likes, more than 39,000 retweets, and more than 8,000 replies. The author of the tweet has since spoken out to clarify what happened.

Susan Lilly, the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, has turned to Twitter to claim the tweet, stating “I am the author behind this now viral tweet. I own my mistake, and now I rock it.”

A number of people responded to her tweet with additional questions, including one asking her to clarify what the tweet was intended to say.

“Large boulder the size of a small CAR,” she replies.

In an interview with CBS4 of Denver, Lilly clarifies that by the time she realized her mistake, the tweet was already going viral.

As you might expect, the Internet has had quite a bit of fun with Lilly’s faux pas, referring to the boulder with creative names like “Jumbo Shrimp” and “Biggie Smalls.”

A number of celebrity accounts have also responded to the tweet, including Chrissy Teigen (12.3 M followers), John Legere (6.6 M followers), and Perez Hilton (6M followers).

Lilly seems to be unfazed by her mistake going very public, enjoying the fact that some people are getting a laugh.

As far as the actual size of the boulder goes, it’s roughly 4 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet, weighing around 10,000 pounds. It’s since been removed from the road via snowplow and travel is once again rolling in east bound lanes of Highway 145.

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