Perhaps one of the most polarizing American foods, people tend to either love or hate the savory sweetness of Cincinnati chili. Even those that love it can’t decide on the proper way to eat it – 4-way on spaghetti, on top of a hot dog, or in a bowl smothered with finely shredded cheese, take your pick. That being said, there’s at least one spot in Colorado that does it right… in my opinion.

Slinging a collection of American cuisine hits in downtown Colorado Springs, The Bench sports bar has Cincinnati chili on the menu and it’s worth talking about. Served up on a bed of pasta and topped with cheese and onions (plus oyster crackers), this menu item will set you back $12.95. A generous portion, it’s sure to please. My only qualm with this version is that the cheese should be more finely shredded.

If you’ve never had Cincinnati chili before, you might be wondering what makes it so unique. Dubbed one of the “20 most iconic foods in America” by the Smithsonian, it’s considered to be chili with a Mediterranean twist. It has strong flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove, typically containing no beans. Some compare its consistency to a very meaty pasta sauce. It’s one dish you definitely need to try.

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