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Hello, I saw the beautiful earth home! My hubby & I live in a Berm home and have great views from Phantom Canyon area! We are covered with dirt on three sides and vey happy with it! We also have solar, but haul H2O! No Gas! Have pellet stove that we have never used do not need it! Electric bill is low most of the year; facing southwest really do not need anything to stay warm it's about a steady 68 all year long! Inside stays comfortable as it changes with outside for comfort! Have A/C never used it nor the Pellet Stove! We have great views too; from Greenhorn Mountain on Southeast side to Sangre de Cristos Mountains and Skyline Drive on the westside of home. Canon City is only 8 minutes from here. You can actually see it from back of upper part of home outside! We have lived here almost 12 great years, have eight neighbors but not so close to talk with out shouting. We all live on 2 1/2 acres that is why! some are new by maybe two moths ,we have one lady who has lived here longer that we have and we can see her home when we drive out of long driveway going out to Phantom Canyon! Like I said we all have great views! God has blessed us! You can email me [email protected] or contact OutThere Colorado, the first time if you really want to know more about Berm homes!


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