Since its inception in 1946, Arapahoe Basin has attracted a fiercely loyal crew that comes back season after season for the beautiful and challenging terrain as well as for that, “for the love of the game” spirit that has come to define the character of the resort. And this storied Summit County resort is about to become so much cooler.

A-Basin The Beavers 1 - Dave Camara - OutThere Colorado
Beavers area on a Powder Day, 2016. Arapahoe Basin. Photo Credit: Dave Camara.

The Arapahoe Basin crew is currently working on a 468-acre expansion that’s expected to open during the 2018-2019 season. The project began with scouting the land and a comprehensive, multi-year Environmental Impact Statement. Stakeholders, land managers, and scientists all weighed in to formulate the expansion project in such a way as to minimize the environmental impact. The final result will include 129 acres of double black diamond hike-to terrain in an area called “The Steep Gullies”, and 339 acres of lift-served skiing. An area dubbed “The Beavers” will host two intermediate (blue) groomers, glades, and open bowl skiing from the summit.

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“I’m really excited about seeing guests’ reactions to the Beavers and the Steep Gullies,” says Peggy Hiller, Vice President of Operations. “I was amazed at how many people instantly fell in love with the Montezuma Bowl. I think the Beavers and Steep Gullies will do all of that and more, especially because of the diversity of the terrain”.

Arapahoe Basin April 2, 2016(Photo by Dave Camara)
Arapahoe Basin. Photo Credit: Dave Camara.

Important takeaways:

— Ticket pricing will not be directly affected by the expansion.

— The project adds new terrain for both intermediate and advanced skiers and riders.

— Big expansion means more jobs: summer trail crews, mountain operations, and ski patrol will all be adding to their staff to better serve guests and accommodate for the expanded terrain.

What’s the most important benefit of the expansion?

“Bringing the Steep Gulley terrain into our avalanche mitigation program.” —David Reynolds, Vice President Finance

“I am really looking forward to the incredible tree skiing and steep alpine skiing in the Beavers Expansion. I think spreading our guests out over another 468 acres of skiable terrain will improve the skiing experience throughout our existing ski area as well.” —Tony Cammarata, Director of Ski Patrol 

Arapahoe Basin April 2, 2016(Photo by Dave Camara)
Arapahoe Basin. Photo Credit: Dave Camara.

What does the expansion mean for Arapahoe Basin as a ski resort?

“This is huge for the Basin. Not only is it one of the only terrain expansions in North America for next season, meaning the spotlight will be on us, but it’s completing the vision our founders and leaders have had for what the Basin could be. Adding this last terrain pod elevates us to another class of ski areas. And we’re doing it in a careful, sustainable way, which is important to us.” —Adrienne Saia Isaac, Marketing and Communications Manager

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“The most important benefit of the expansion is to add to the diversity of our already diverse terrain. I’ve always thought of A-Basin as the ‘small mountain that skis big’. This expansion will even further push this point by offering our guests many more options between a variety of gladed tree runs, a whole new terrain aspect facing West with different views and vistas and of course the Steep Gullies. The opportunity to find more great Blue, Black and Expert terrain will benefit our A-Basin skiing population significantly.” —Peggy Hiller, Vice President of Operations

What are you most excited for?

“In-bounds powder pillows!” Mike Nathan, Sustainability Manager

“Skiing this area more often. Also, one of our long-time staff members said he was excited to ski this area for the first time. So I am happy to go take some runs with him when it opens for business. I will be able to take my son over in that area when he is skiing at that level some day.” —Josie Eader, Retail Manager and Buyer

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“I like the challenge of the staffing and logistics of actually building it. This project will take a complete team effort to construct and manage such an awesome piece of terrain. I am excited that our staff will be able to show our guests who have never accessed the Beavers before just how cool the area is.” —Tony Cammarata, Director of Ski Patrol

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