Tucked away in Pueblo County, Colorado, you’ll find one of Colorado’s best destinations for enjoying watersports. With 60 miles of shoreline and over 10,000 acres of space including 4,600 surface acres of water, Lake Pueblo State Park offers visitors a chance to cool off, whether they’re fishing, swimming, or boating. There’s also a ton of hiking and camping in the area.

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This body of water, also often referred to as Pueblo Reservoir instead of Lake Pueblo, reaches a maximum depth of around 135 feet.

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A very diverse collection of wildlife is attracted to Lake Pueblo State Park. You can find animals like mule deer, beavers, coyotes, and box turtles regularly. The area is also home to the very rare blackneck garter snake.

Lake Pueblo is well-known in the Colorado boating community, with two different full-service marinas.

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